The Best-Selling New Book: How to Be a Concept Trainer
 Turn Dog Training Struggles into Strengths with the Power of 3-Minute GAMES!
 Turn Dog Training Struggles into Strengths with the Power of 3-Minute GAMES!
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Simple 3-minute dog training games teach powerful concepts to your dog like optimism, self-control, focus & even the ability to think in excitement!
Shaping PERSONALITY to tackle the world!
All to often, dog training doesn't translate to real-life results (whether that is barking & lunging or pulling on lead) BUT by shaping their personalities, we can inspire great choices rather than force them!
Turn dog-owning STRUGGLES into STRENGTHS!
When you train with games and an understanding of how your dog truly thinks, then struggles become strengths:
* From pulling on lead to flawless loose-leash walking
* Ignoring you to attentive and reliable
* Barking & lunging to cool, calm & collected!
Discover how companion, sports and NAUGHTY but NICE dogs tick!
Games are just one piece of the concept training puzzle. You'll be armed with an innovative way of looking at how your dog learns, feels and experiences the world to boost that relationship & take your dog-owning to new levels!
What Others are Saying About the Power of Concept Training...
Does your dog get so excited that he struggles to focus and process what you want him to do?

Does he often choose distractions over the things you can offer like treats and toys?

Does he go into a new environment fearing that something scary might happen?

These three differing scenarios, which can apply equally to performance dogs and companion dogs, are real barriers to learning, and can also damage your relationship with your dog.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this new book, How to be a Concept Trainer, we reveal this novel approach to training – and it’s all about playing games!

Instead of tackling problems head-on, we have developed specific games which actually enhance our dogs' brains, inspire better choices from them and work on underlying emotional struggles that can otherwise be a challenge to work with.

BONUS: Struggle to Strength Matrix Worksheet!

We are including a worksheet download that takes you from where you are now to a place where your struggles are transformed into strengths  with every copy of How to be a Concept Trainer for a limited time!
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